Student Competition Login Instructions

For Round 0 and Round 1, sit on one computer in pairs (solo if needed).

For Round 2 each member of your team (trios) needs their own computer.

Login using the button on the top right with the student credentials given by your teacher.

Having logged in, complete your names as you would like them to appear on a certificate and proceed. For Round 2 you will also need to add in your team name which all three of you must type in identically to match you to that team within your school.

You are then directed to the Competitions tab (top right); any latest active competitions will be shown above any old competitions. Do ensure that you are logged in and can see the latest competition and you don't click into an old competition by mistake.

The active competitions will always be protected by a competition start password. Your teacher will tell you what this is when they are ready for you to begin. Once you have typed this in, you can start Q1 and your time will commence with time left shown at the top.

You can navigate betwen questions in any order and you can submit multiple times to improve your score on a question.

You can click 'Finished' at any time and end at any time. For Round 0 you will be able to download your score certificate immediately. For Round 1 and 2 your teacher will make certificates available to you later once merit and distinction levels are fixed. If you do not click Finished before your time expires or if you just close your browser then your submission will just automatically finish at the end of your allotted time.